Avocado Delight – Raw Diet: Day 6

Avocado Delight – Raw Diet: Day 6

The week is nearly coming to an end as I’m on my 6th day of the raw diet, consisting of only fruits and vegetables. I’m not sure if you may have noticed, but something that’s really great and convenient about all the smoothies that i’ve posted so far, is that all the ingredients that are required to make them can be sourced locally. Yup, some areas maybe an exception, but otherwise most of the ingredients should definitely be available at any of the local vendors or stores.

With today’s smoothie I have tried something new and different. If you might have noticed in the other smoothies, you always need a thick base in order to make it feel like a smoothie rather than a juice or milkshake. Hence, I had made use of bananas for those smoothies. Today however, I am using avocado as the base instead of a banana. And thankfully, this smoothie has turned out great too! Hope you’ll try it out 🙂

Avocado Delight

: 1 Glass
: 20 min
: 20 min
: Easy


  • Avocado
  • Kale
  • Sweet Lime
  • Alpha Sprouts (Organic seeds which i've sprouted at home)
  • Green Tomato (Unripe)
  • Step 1 Clean/soak the fruits and veggies for at least 20 min before use.
  • Step 2 Scoop the avocado
  • Step 3 Add the sprouted alpha seeds, kale & green tomato to the mixer
  • Step 4 Squeeze 2-3 oranges and include this in the above mix.
  • Step 5 Blend it until smooth & relish the delightful avocado smoothie

2 thoughts on “Avocado Delight – Raw Diet: Day 6”

  • This smoothie looks delicious! Your website is a delight visually. I love that you have recipes for every food item, apparently. Great job! I’ve been getting bored lately with my healthy food. Thanks for presenting so many tasty looking options that are also healthy!

    • Thank you so much Vance for your valuable and encouraging feedback! Yes, I am trying my best to post new healthy & delicious recipes for people to try! 🙂

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