Welcome Tooters

Welcome Tooters

Hola amigos! It’s my first post as a ‘blogger’ so i’m just getting acquainted with how this works. I’d like to thank you for visiting Tooting Tummy & hope you enjoy my website, as much as I did in making it, although there’s still plenty of stuff to be posted while i’m just getting started. Le Privé is my personal space here to keep you updated with all things related to Tooting Tummy & moi! I have been blessed to have the support of my friends & family who encouraged me to start blogging about my recipes, which has finally made me reach here today. To be honest, until a few weeks ago, I was completely clueless about creating websites & blogging. But life’s great, as it presents you with new opportunities & things to learn, so I hope to become an avid food blogger pretty soon! As i’m vegetarian, you shall not only come across delightful recipes that are 100% vegetarian, but a lot of healthy & exquisite vegan food too.

I’m often asked how I get ideas for my recipes, but there’s really no secret! It’s usually from various cuisines I try while dining out or else just dabble with the fruits or veggies that are available in my kitchen & create some recipe out of it. In fact, I never follow recipes that are typically found in books or even online as it’s more fun & easier for me to guess the ingredients used in a dish and then try making it at home. So with Tooting Tummy, I strive to show you easy ways of making delicious healthier meals without the need to follow any boring diet or eat junk food. My recipes here are all homemade so you can enjoy all the food you love to eat, while being healthy and satisfied. Also, all the pictures here are completely natural and taken mostly from my iPhone or DSLR camera. The food or photos have not been enhanced or edited in any manner as usually done for other recipes or restaurant photoshoots. Anyway, please do feel free to leave your feedback or comments about my recipes & website! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Welcome Tooters”

  • Hi and congrats on your blogging venture. I look forward to seeing some wonderful recipes. I browsed your site and came across the Coconut Tapioca Cake. Looks like some thing I will try out for sure.
    I have a friend that lives overseas and she makes a Soy Milk Ice cream which is wonderful. Perhaps you could research that one.
    I will be back for more ideas.

    • Dear John, thank you so much for your valuable feedback & suggestion. Glad you browsed through the site and came across the coconut tapioca cake. It’s definitely worth trying as it turned out far better than I expected! 🙂 Will definitely try out the soy milk ice cream suggestion too! I’m just starting out with my posts so still have many more to post! Will be working on it as and when I get time to do so.

  • Bart Simpson dhoklas would have never thought of that what an ingenious idea! I plan to use that idea kids will love it!!!


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