Spinach Smoothie – Raw Diet: Day 1

Spinach Smoothie – Raw Diet: Day 1

While i’ve been developing this website and frequently creating different recipes, I’ve also decided on trying something new starting today, in order to get my body to detox. So while i’m at it, you shall get a glimpse of what i’m doing lately as well as view the new recipes being posted. I’m also hoping that this plan helps me in reducing a little weight! 😉 So here’s the deal – I have decided on eating only raw fruits and vegetables throughout the day. So I shall not be cooking or boiling any of my meals whatsoever. All fruits & vegetables to be consumed in it’s natural state only. I had recently read about the numerous health benefits of eating raw foods and how it has proved to not only help prevent but also cure multiple life-threatening diseases.

On that note, I decided to give the raw diet a try, as I would love to see how many days I can succeed in following this diet and also experience the transformation within my body, if any! 🙂 So I’m starting off this morning with a rich and healthy smoothie that’s fresh and green. Here’s the recipe:

Spinach Smoothie

: 1 Glass
: 15 min
: 15 min
: Easy

Extremely healthy mix of spinach & a whole lot of goodness


  • Spinach
  • Blueberries
  • Grape Fruit
  • Ginger
  • Basil
  • Step 1 Clean/soak the fruits and veggies for at least 20 min before use.
  • Step 2 Once cleaned, take a bunch of spinach, few blueberries, grape fruit, ginger, a few basil leaves and put it in the mixer and blend it till smooth
  • Step 3 Enjoy your healthy & powerpacked  smoothie!

2 thoughts on “Spinach Smoothie – Raw Diet: Day 1”

  • Hi Snehagyan,

    Interesting ingredients you got there! I am looking to better my health because I seem to be lacking energy at work. I know one thing I am lacking for sure is exercise. I work in an office environment, so exposure to physical activities very limited.

    What kind of food or drink do you recommend to increase energy besides coffee and energy drinks?


    • Hey Eric, thanks a ton for reaching out! Well, in my experience the best way to enhance your endurance or energy is through regular exercise. If you regularly jog, run or exercise, it definitely increases energy levels. So even if you’re working within a typical corporate office environment, you should take out some time for yourself even if its for 30 mins everyday or maybe at least 3 times a week. Getting enough sleep is also equally important. As far as food or drinks are concerned, the raw diet that I had tried out for a week was remarkable as it worked wonders for me. I could feel a little more energetic, lost a little of the excess weight and felt as if my body had cleansed from within. So you could give that a try too! Wish you luck! 🙂

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